Algorithmic Art History /// Feel the Algorithm

Algorithmic Art History is an online project based on the iterative use of Google Similar Images. Using a famous piece of art as a starter, Algorithmic Art History aims to poetically reveal how the algorithm works, recreating serendipity, and giving a sensation of the diversity of Internet content.

I gave a talk about Algorithmic Art History at Sud web 2015.

Algorithmic Art History appears in various press articles such as L'Œil de la Photographie / The Eye of the Photography. 

A portfolio of Algorithmic Art History has been published in the French art review Nichons-Nous Dans l'Internet, challenging the paper format to restitute the scrolling sensation. 

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Roadtrip To #NEWPALMYRA /// Awareness for Culture Heritage


Roadtrip to #NEWPALMYRA is an ongoing project where I explore Google Street View, to find the various location in the world called Palmyra. Travelling online to these places, I wanted to show that Palmyra is more than just a city in Syria - both antique and modern - it belongs to Culture and it is endangered.

If Palmyra is a part of our global cultural heritage, it's also a part our everyday lives. There are cities called Palmyra in almost all the States in the US, there is a street called Palmyra in some Busy-Megalopolis or some Lost-Somewhereshire, or a even an island, a camping area, or a zoo. To raise awareness everyone is invited to use #NEWPALMYRA on Instagram and on Twitter.

Events and Exhibitions

Protocultural Paris @ Ekluz - October 30-31th 2015
The first "Roadtrip to #NewPalmyra" was created during an artckathon gathering artists, technologists and archeologist. It takes the form of a tweet story.
Read and look the First Roadtrip to #NewPalmyra

Exploratorium Staff Art Show @ San Francisco - March 29th 2016
A presentation of a second "Roadtrip to #NewPalmyra" presented as a video and a text that gather a second tweet story.
Read and look the Second RoadTrip To #NewPalmyra

Festival Imagine - France Culture @ Centre Pompidou Paris - June 5th 2016
A live performance for the radio program "Soft Power" from Centre Pompidou during the Festival Imagine curated by France Culture and Centre Pompidou
WeImage is a festival devoted to creation and ideas
"Soft Power" is a radio program devoted to digital cultures, innovations and industries. For this very special program focused to digital creation I've been invited as an artist to perform live a "RoadTrip To NewPalmyra".
This third "Roadtrip to #NewPalmyra" takes the form of a tweet story that I explain at the end of the radio program. 

To listen to the Radio Program (FR):

I am the happy person on the right of this Twipicture :)