I lead projects that use content strategy to
increase brand awareness and heighten audience engagement.
I work for cultural institutions, creative industries and major compagnies.

L'Observatoire de l'Espace (CNES) /// Paris /// 2017


I am currently the Communications and Partnerships Manager of Observatoire de l'Espace, the Art and Science Lab of the CNES (English: National Centre for Space Studies), the French government space agency. 

International Projects

Role: I have a 7+ years experience among agencies or as an freelance expert. I love to contribute to international and trans-disciplinary projects that are human-centered, that test new forms of interaction and that create values for the future.

La Gaîté Lyrique /// Paris /// 2011 - 2014

La Gaîté lyrique is the Parisian venue for connected cultures and communities. It transcends genres to explore contemporary music, visual arts, cinema, video games and design at large. It also hosts the biggest cultural entrepreneur residency program in France.

Role: As Director of Publications, I led, during three years various projects using content strategy to increase brand awareness and increase audience engagement through creative and quality content.

Major companies among agencies /// Ongoing

Role: I synthesize research findings to uncover and articulate insights that will contribute to actionable strategies bringing changes through content and experience.

Images: Vinciane Verguethen for la Gaîté Lyrique, Poppositions, William White via so-cool