Learning from the people #1 /// Interview of Ali

Do you feel concern about food and nutrition? 
Not really, I don’t feel concerned but I think I can improve a lot. 

Do you have a particular food menu?
I don’t eat pork for both religious and health reasons. I rather to have a veggy routine, I think it’s healthier. 

What do eat on a normal day? Maybe like a day of this week. What type of food do you have ? Could you precise when and where? 

I am pretty consistent in what I eat. For breakfast I have Oatmeal or eggs and avocado. And of course, coffee. For lunch I eat outside, generally vegetables like a salad with eggs or chicken. For dinner I cook at home with my friends. I do mixed vegetables like kale, carrots, beans… with salmon, in a big stew. I like to cook and I do tupperware with the leftover. 

When was the last time you’ve eaten outside? Where? What? Why? 
Yesterday night. I had an organic hamburger with gluten fee buns at Bulk.

What do you think about the food portion at the restaurent? How do you feel about it?
American food portion are very large. Ridiculously large. I feel worriesome about it, that is troubeling. I don’t understand why we do have so big portions in the restaurant. In Europe the plates are smaller. I think we should eat a moderate amount. People should learn to moderate their food consumption and also take the time to eat, they might feel more full and happy.

Do you make doggy bag or do you left the food? How do you feel about it?
I do doggy-bag mostly but sometimes I throw my food and I don’t feel good about it. I don’t like to waste food. 

When was the last time you’ve eaten at home? What? Why? 
Yesterday for lunch and this morning for breakfast. 

How often do prepare food at home per day? (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? 
On a daily basis.

So you make tupperware?

Where do you buy your groceries? Where? What? Why? How often?
I go to Whole Foods and to Traders Joe’s. I like Whole Foods' organic product. They are a bit pricy but I am willing to pay a little more to have better food so I won’t have a higher bill at the hospital later. Their products are tasty and healthy and I want good product for my body. I buy almost everything there and I go once a week. I go to Trader Joe’s, when something is missing, once or twice a month. I like their sauces and spices. And oils, their avocado oil is crazy. 

Is there some type of food you rather than other? Or food is just food? 

Do you pay attention to what is written on the packaging? Nutrition facts, peremption date…?
I do read food labels, I look the ingredients, certifications and sugar content.

Do you use your freezer? 
Yes, I store chicken and fish for later.

Do you sometimes forget food in the freezer?
Yes, sometimes I do… 

When was the last time you throw food at home?
Yesterday. Kale, left-overs. They were going bad. 

How do you now you have to throw food away? 
Smell, look, and touch.

What about the peremption date?
I strictly follow them 

Do you have a compost system? 

Do you have on your smartphone application that are food related? 
No, Well, I have Whole Food Application. 

Is there a question I should have asked you? 
Yes. You didn’t asked me if I had a change in my relationship with food. I changed my behavior when I was younger. I was living with my old brother, I didn’t care about food but he was very sportive and he was caring about what he ate. I started to eat like him and got really interested in nutrition and made my studies on nutrition. 


Name: Ali
Age: 30
Relationship Status: Single
Home: He has Roomates
Hometown: San Francisco
Job: Clinical Research Coordinator / Stanford

Ali says he prefers I do not take a picture of him. This picture has been taken by Olu Eletu and posted on unsplash.com

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