Build Creative Partnerships /// Hello™ & Getty Images

2011-2013 / 2 years

Chief Editor of Gaite Live, Gaite Lyrique's online magazine

Develop creative partnerships with medias, institutions and brands.  

Study Case Hello™ & Getty Images

2012 / few days

With the HELLO™ exhibition, H5 Collective explored the common practices of communication and politics in the social web. HELLO™ was conceived as a fake company, with fake subsidiaries such as a publisher. 

Enhance the partnership between H5 and Getty Images in a creative way that could last the all exhibition duration.

Create a fake online dictionary (FR), the "HELLO™ Dictionary of Advertising", with hilarious definitions and usage cases illustrated by remixed versions of Getty Images most used pictures posted weekly

See here all the words of the "HELLO™ Dictionary of Advertising" 

Brainstorming, Fun, Try it and Make it Real

- Co-cration with Laurent Sciamma of a fake dictionary branded as a part of the real Hello H5's books
- Creation of 10 words definition with their usages case within a fake word to track it
- Post published every Monday during the 10 weeks on the exhibition duration


"Stephanie is a real creative: you never know what her next idea will be, and you're always surprised. She's smart, quick witted, fun, totally crazy and efficient." 

Laurent Sciamma, Artistic Director

Images: Sciamma + Vidal, Gaîté Lyrique, H5