🔲 January 2018 🔲

Exhibition Des surfaces dénuées d'innocence
1 | 3 En fuyant, ils cherchent une arme
with the artworks of:  Neïl Beloufa (artiste en résidence), Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Hasan Elahi, Fictiorama Studios, Anne-Charlotte Finel et Marie Sommer, Julien Prévieux, Evan Roth, Miyö Van Stenis
Jan 17th-March 31th @ Maison Populaire - Montreuil, FR

🔲 September 2017 🔲

News I will be Curator in Residence for 2018 at Maison Populaire - Montreuil, FR 🎩

🔳 July 2017 🔳

Exhibition Making Contact, an exhibition in 10 emails
Curation with Caroline Delieutraz whitin in the Slow Residency Program / KoProjects
with the artworks of:  Marion Balac, Caroline Delieutraz, Arnaud Dezoteux, Paul Heintz, (LA)HORDE, Reija Meriläinen
July 17th-28th @ Internet

Exhibition At.ti.tu.des, about Seduction and Surveillance. Episode 3 "A perfect Tech Bod for the summer"
with Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Justine Emard (artists) and Emannuel Ferrand (mathematician and biohacker)
July 6th @ Indice 50 - Paris, FR

🔲 June 2017 🔲

Essay Mille Soleils sur la ville, (A thousand suns over the city) in Data Cities, the Catalogue of Data City, the Collective exhibition of the 9 Unesco's Media arts Creative Cities. ISBN: 978-2-916639-44-4

🔳 April 2017 🔳

Exhibition "Je planterai mes mains dans le jardin" (I will plant my hands in the garden)
Curation within the 35H Residency Program
with Charlie Chine, Ladislas Combeuil, Etienne François, Louis Granet, Carine Klonowski et Jimmy Richer
April 10th-15th @ Le Garage - Bagnolet, FR

Exhibition At.ti.tu.des, about Seduction and Surveillance. Episode 2 "Uncanny Poetry"
with Carine Klonowski, Fabien Zocco (artists) and a mathematician
April 7th @ Indice 50 - Paris, FR

🔲 March 2017 🔲

Project Management Sideration Festival - Exhibition "L'Espace, lieu d'utopies"
March 24th-26th @ CNES - Paris, FR

🔳 February 2017 🔳

Talk Commented visit of the exhibition UNNAMED FEELINGS by artist Caroline Delieutraz
February 18th /// @ Gallery 22,48 m2 - Paris, FR

🔲 January 2017 🔲

Exhibition At.ti.tudes, about Seduction and Surveillance. Episode 1 "Social Media"
with: Jimmy Beauquesne (artist), Olivier Hodasava (writer) and fred P (sociologist)
January 27th @  Indice 50 - Paris, FR

🔳 November 2016 🔳

Living Room Light Exchange Paris 0.1
January 14th - Paris, FR

🔲 October 2016 🔲

Exhibition Birds and Spaces
with: Caroline Delieutraz, Enora Denis, Marie-Luce Nadal, Géraud Soulhiol
Oct 15th - Nov 15th @ B4BEL4B - Oakland, CA, USA

🔳 June 2016 🔳

Festival Imagine - France Culture (Soft Power)
June 5th @ Centre Pompidou - Paris, FR



🔲 2015 🔲
Exhibition L’Europe des barbelés (Barbed Wire Europe)
with Louis Witter
Du Monde à la Maison Program - photojournalism
Home Art Space - Paris, FR


🔳 2016 🔳
Exhibition La main noire et la main bleue (The Black Hand and the Blue Hand)
With Sylvia Guirand,
Du Monde à la Maison Program - photojournalism
Home Art Space - Paris, FR