I interview influential digital artists and global thinkers, identify future talents and
write essays at the cutting edge of art and technology

Since 2010, I regularly report on technology and art for French magazines including Slate.fr, Vogue.fr, Nichons-Nous dans l'Internet, Mouvement and the major television station Canal +.

My interest lies in projects that aim to help, gather, or build communities. I have written about Mark Suppes who tried to accomplish nuclear fission in his Brooklyn garage and share his research via open-source licenses, about the self-trackers who quantified themselves, about HONF, an Indonesian collective of scientists and artists who have a important impact on local communities, and about groups who are working to revitalize the city of Detroit, using Internet networks and art installations. 

Interviews are my favorite format. I have interviewed numerous inspiring  people about digital humanities, including: Paola Antonelli about the future of design, ISS commander Chris Hadfield told me about his Internet user-experience in space, Mikky Blanco explained to me why rap videos are better for poets than University Societies. Jill Magid and I discussed her immersion in the Dutch secret services, Trevor Paglen told me about his search for secret military installations in the desert or in space, and Hasan Elahi who records his entire life because he his under governmental surveillance. 

For Slate.fr, I wrote a piece about Bassel Khartabil, a Syrian open-source software developer who has been illegally detained in Syria since 2012 and who is now missing. This article is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, and has been translated into at least 7 languages including Spanish, Arabic, Russian and German. Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab Director, mentions it on his blog
To know more about Bassel Khartabil please click here. To help #FREEBASSEL campaign click here.

I participated in a booksprint that culminated in the book "The Cost of Freedom, a Collective Inquiry" with 44 other contributors like Lawrence Lessig and Geert Lovink. This book is published under Creative Community CC0 1.0 Universal license, you can download here for free. You can read here or listen here my article "Architecture = Power".

I have also written, as a main author or as a contributor, exhibition catalogs such as "Motion Factory, les ficelles du monde animé" and "The White Book" for Gaite Lyrique and "Suspended" for 22,48m2 Gallery that you can read both in English and French here.

Visit my French website Internet And Much More to find more articles and content I produced.

Image: One of my favorite French artist: Julien Prévieux, Nichons-nous dans l'Internet, Gaîté Editions